Nursing Leadership

10 best and worst nursing bosses

Check out these five worst and five best leadership styles, and then take the quiz and find out which one you are.Read more...

Penn again WHO/PAHO collaborating center

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing has again been designated as a World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO) Collaborating Center for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership. As a collaborating center, the school will work...

Leadership: What the books don’t tell you

They've been there, done that-and told Dr. Curtin all about it. She shares advice collected from nursing leaders across the country.

Creating a self-sustaining professional culture of quality

To earn Magnet redesignation, a hospital must be able to sustain a professional culture of quality. A nurse leader at one hospital describes how her nursing staff has done just that.

Magnet Profiles

The Magnet Profiles section in this issue highlights various aspects of the Magnet Recognition Program® and provides information about specific Magnet facilities across the country. Magnet organizations are shining examples of nursing leadership and...
recycle supplies hospital medical tools

From our readers…Caring for the world by recycling supplies

I became aware of the acute lack of essential medical supplies when I participated in medical missions work in the Philippines and Honduras. Basic supplies like gloves were often not available. If they were...
confrontation talking conversation

Choosing the right conversation

It’s 7:10 A.M. Maggie, the night-shift charge nurse, is waiting to give report to Julie, the charge nurse on the next shift. After a long night in the intensive care unit, Maggie’s eager to...

Coaching Communication: Tips for nurse managers

One key element of performance management is coaching staff to improve behavior. In this section on coaching communication, I will share ideas for how you as a manager can coach employees via your day-to-day conversations.

Scrapbooks capture nurses career milestones

For nurse graduates, starting their first staff position is an exciting time, but it can also be a time of apprehension. Many have heard stories about how some nurses “eat their young” and may...
frontline nurse leader organization

How to increase developmental opportunities for frontline nurse leaders

Over the decades, the role of the frontline nurse manager has evolved from head nurse to nurse leader. With this evolution, the traditional managerial functions of planning, leading, organizing, and controlling a unit or...

Nurse leaders discuss the nurse’s role in driving technology decisions

In an AMNT roundtable, executives discuss the value of engaging frontline nurses in technology decisions, explore the chief nursing officer's role in technology selection, and exchange views on how technology improves patient outcomes.

Create a great work culture

For a successful leader, establishing the right environment isn't part of the job. It is the job.
nurse story remembering teach

The little things we do

In December 2001, the graduating class of New York University’s College of Nursing asked me to give a speech during their pinning ceremony. As part of nursing education, the pinning ceremony goes back to...