Nursing Leadership

Why timing is crucial in leadership

For the last 2 years, Karen, the manager of a critical care unit, has been laying the groundwork for her unit to apply for the Beacon Award for Excellence from the American Association of...

Developing shared governance leaders

To obtain Magnet® recognition, hospitals must have structures and processes in place that ensure nurses participate in shared decision making. A shared governance (SG) structure meets this criterion. In this process, nurses take an...

Structural empowerment and the Magnet® Model: A perfect fit

Nursing literature abounds with descriptive and predictive studies of structural empowerment and its relationship to nurses’ trust, commitment, control over practice, intent to stay, productivity, job satisfaction, engagement, and quality of care. This article...

Enculturating the value of process improvement

Staff engagement within a culture of ownership and accountability makes the difference between successfully achieving and sustaining organizational outcomes. As healthcare organizations respond to the external pressures of rapidly evolving complexity and increasingly demanding...

From our readers: Do we really know who our patients are?

Both nurse leaders and educators need to teach and model not only day-to-day nursing skills but the importance of connecting with their patients. In today’s often-chaotic healthcare environment nurses are bogged down with so...
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Squashing the communication triangle

In the infamous and deadly Bermuda Triangle, things seem to disappear, never to be seen again. In the communication triangle, the opposite is true: Emotions and unintended messages expand and grow to epic proportions. “I’m...
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Leadership insights

Developing your personal brand

Beyond thank you: The powerful reach of meaningful recognition

“I recognize that voice, that voice belongs to someone who is such a dream to me. was a shining light and made an unbearable hospital stay a little bit better.” The above quote from...

The drive for cost transparency in health care

In the new era of healthcare reform, the focus is on value and cost transparency.
celebrate nurses week government

Celebrating nurse leaders in government

Every May, as we celebrate National Nurses Week, Congress issues a resolution that recognizes the vital role nurses play in the delivery of health care in our country. What many people may not know...

Clinical nurse leaders and clinical nurse specialists: harmonious partners

Collaboration between these two valuable resources depends on understanding how their roles differ.

Constructive feedback and disciplinary action

The thought of telling someone that he or she is not doing a great job provokes anxiety for many of us. Most of the time, it’s easier to avoid it and hope that it...

A new patient-acuity tool promotes equitable nurse-patient assignments

When a 2 acuity rating isn’t truly a 2