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Celebrate National Nurses Week

ANA has selected “Nurses: Caring Today for a Healthier Tomorrow” as this year’s theme for National Nurses Week. Every year, National Nurses Week begins May 6, marked as RN Recognition Day, and ends May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of nursing as a modern profession.

ANA supports and encourages National Nurses Week recognition programs through the state and district nurses associations, other specialty nursing organizations, educational facilities, and independent health care companies and institutions. ANA also is encouraging nurses around the country to wear the official “RN Pin,” and to dress in uniform on RN Recognition Day. (The pin can be purchased by calling (800) 445-0445.)

For more information on this weeklong celebration, including its history, media kit, and suggested activities, go to http://nursingworld.org/NationalNursesWeek.


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