Does simulation training improve safety outcomes?

Author(s):Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor
Does simulation training improve safety outcomes?

A new study showcases the potential connection between simulation training for acute care nurses and its role in improving patient safety outcomes.

A growing trend in the training of medical-surgical nurses is the use of simulation. The simulation training tools can be used to help improve patient safety. This new study collected and examined any articles published on this topic up until October 2018 to understand if the simulation training had any effect on patient safety outcomes.

The researchers examined 12 articles, which evaluated the efficacy of simulation training among a combined 844 nurses. All of the studies revealed self-reported improved patient safety outcomes after the training, but where the results are limited is in understanding if age, race, gender, or nursing specialty are variables in this improvement.

The researchers of this new study feel that there is a need for more data around the link between improved patient safety and simulation training for acute care nurses, and a need to include the link between other factors in these studies.

Please read more about the study here.


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