2018-19 Education Guide

Use education to take your career to the next level. This year’s education guide covers everything from tips about funding and applications to dual-degree options and nurse residencies. And a special career section helps you think outside of the box.

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Tips for completing a nursing school application

By Debra A. Wolff

Let your nursing school application make a great first impression.

DNP and PhD: Complementary roles

By Sonya Grigsby, Barbara Chapman, Cyndi B. Kelley, Rebecca Shipley, Christian Garrett, and Chiquesha Davis

These degrees aren’t the same, but both are critical to the nursing profession and patient care. Which degree is right for you?

Dual-degree options for nurses

By Amanda Lee Machesky

Combine your nursing degree with a master’s in business, public health, law, or ethics and expand your career options.

Fund your future with an education treasure hunt

By Catherine Spader

To find the money to fund your education, follow these tips for success.

How to be a success in nursing school

By Debra A. Hrelic

When you take charge of your education before it even starts, you’re bound to go places.

Landing a clinical practicum preceptor

By Ginny Moore and Sharon Fleming

Persevere to find the preceptor and site that are just right for you.

Take the first step: Choose a nurse residency program

By Jimmy Hall

To find the right residency program, ask yourself: Where do I want to work? What am I looking for in an employer?

Career Watch

Shake it up: Getting outside the box in your career

By Catherine Spader

Where can nursing take you? You might be surprised. Read what these nurses have to say about some unique career options.

Forensic nurses make strides toward social justice

By Catherine Spader

You can make a difference in the lives of victims of violence.

Clinical instructor: Is it right for you?

By Deanna Donovan

Put your clinical skills to work preparing nurses of the future.