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Understanding a Father’s Perspective of Perinatal Death

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

A new study from northeastern Colombia focuses on a matter that is often overlooked: What do fathers go through after experiencing a perinatal death? Because the mothers are given such a heavy focus after this type of devastating event, little is known about what the fathers experience.

The study involved in-depth interviews with 15 individuals to collect data. The results revealed that the men often grieved by themselves and often hid their emotions from those who offered support. The researchers also focused on how healthcare staff may tend to neglect these fathers, which amplifies the problem.

What this may mean for nurses and their patients is that there is a very critical need to “recognize and acknowledge the pain” of these fathers and give them the same care and focus offered to mothers. The study ultimately provides an opportunity for healthcare providers to raising their quality and level of care to fathers who have experienced a perinatal death.

Please read more about this study here.




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