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Featured Feedback | September 2020

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

Many readers provide feedback on the articles published in American Nurse Journal; here are a few of the comments received in September that we wanted to highlight. The editorial team values this input.

Nurse mentorships: A two-way street

“This article revealed the nursing aspects of the nursing culture and how mentoring can affect the overall function of the hospital through trust, moral, and retain ability. As graduate nurses begin their journey seeking the right mentor, they steer towards like-minded peers to help them truly understand the unknown challenges ahead of them. Spending quality time with your mentor builds morale, self-confidence, and assurance that you are ready to handle the next level of nursing. When mentors support the [protégé], it creates a sense of belonging that you are wanted, needed, and that makes you want to invest in your future with that hospital.” – Terri H-D.

Honoring the nurse victims of COVID-19

“Your caring and selfless acts will never be forgotten. Rest in heaven family. I have been a nurse for 24 years. I have to praise and thank my medical director for him warning me not to under estimate COVID 19 in March 2020. I too, could have succumbed to COVID 19 like my sisters and brothers for the love of helping others and being fearless.” – Kim M.

Patient prejudice toward nurses

“ Excellent subject! This has happened to me several times in my 53 year nursing career opposed to many patients requesting my care. I clinically teach at a community college and patients have refused a student. I quickly changed the assignment and counseled the student.  I would like to hear more of this. Interesting I have never seen this subject breached.” – Darlene F. 

High-flow nasal cannulas: Risks and benefits in response to COVID-19

“I LOVED the information in this article and will be sure to discuss it with colleagues and share it with other nurses who do not belong to ANA and regularly get this caliber information in a timely fashion. I always try to impress on all my colleagues the importance of staying abreast with the latest clinical developments and research. They must stay on top of the information on their practice area. Knowledge is power. Professional development is key!” – Mary W.

Correctional nursing’s new professional resource

“Very nice to see Correctional Nurses getting recognized. Many nurses are not aware of the lifelong career this can be.” – D. Law


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