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How to give a pain-free immunization

Author(s): By Dave Gilmartin

When Jeannie Collins Beaudin would see video of someone getting a Covid-19 vaccine on the news, it would often make her cringe.

It’s not that she’s afraid of shots. On the contrary, she’s given thousands of injections and trained about half of the pharmacists in her community to do the same.

But the technique she’s seen depicted on television and online over the last 18 months rubs the instructor in her the wrong way.

“I couldn’t believe how many times I saw the one where the vaccine is visibly dripping down the outside of the patient’s arm, obviously resulting in a sub-therapeutic dose,” she said.

Tips for giving the perfect injection

Rather than cringe and bear it, Beaudin put together a guide to the best injection techniques. And because of “a personal quirk about not wanting to inflict pain on others” she included the best ways to get that “I didn’t feel a thing” reaction from your patients.

Check out her 11 tips here and you’ll never give a cringeworthy shot.







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