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Initiative on the Future of Nursing

Dear American Nurse Today readers:

Here’s your chance to help shape the future. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Initiative on the Future of Nursing” at the Institute of Medicine wants to hear from nurses—what important issues are on your mind that influence your practice, and how you would like to see nursing change so we can make a greater impact on health and healing. The first public meeting held in early October focused on acute care and collected almost 200 pages of input from across the country. The committee is continuing to collect comments in preparation for the two remaining forums (December 3 in Philadelphia, and February 22, 2010 in Houston), so your ideas and comments are welcome at any time. Don’t be scared away by the word “testimony”—this is a chance to submit your ideas and advice, and if you wish, possibly to present them briefly at one of the forums.

To submit your ideas, click here and complete the web submission.


You can stay informed by signing up for direct email updates at both www.iom.edu/nursing and www.thefutureofnursing.org. You can also listen to the forums on live webcasts.


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