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Jewish nurse who treated Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect ‘didn’t see evil’

Author(s): American Nurse Today

Ari Mahler, a Jewish nurse who treated suspected Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers when he was brought to Allegheny General Hospital with multiple wounds, is sharing his side of the story. In a Facebook post that has been shared over 164,000 times since it was published, he states, “To be honest, I didn’t see evil when I looked into Robert Bowers’ eyes.”

Although Mahler was worried that his own parents may have been victims in the mass homicide that occurred only an hour before Bowers arrived, he chose to act out of love, showing his patient empathy because he wanted him to feel compassion. “I felt that the best way to honor his victims was for a Jew to prove him wrong.”

Read Mahler’s powerful Facebook post and more here.


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