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New report calls for action to address clinician burnout

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Director

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have released a new report highlighting the need to reduce clinician burnout.

The report, Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout, provides goals for healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and those working in government to help prevent clinician burnout, which in turn, will help ensure quality patient care.

Burnout is defined as “emotional exhaustion, detachment, and a low sense of personal accomplishment,” and may cause healthcare providers, including nurses, to “abandon the health care profession altogether,” which is an obvious consequence we want to avoid.

The six goals that the report highlights are:

  1. Creating a positive work environment
  2. Addressing burnout during the early stages of the clinician’s career
  3. Reducing the number of tasks that do not improve patient care
  4. Improving the usability and relevance of health IT 
  5. Reducing stigma around burnout and improving the recovery options
  6. Engaging in national research on clinicians’ well-being.

The report highlights a critical need to reduce stress, not only for clinicians but also for patients, as they face the direct result of the clinician’s emotional state.

Please read more about the announcement here.





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