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Nike has launched a new shoe designed for nurses and other “everyday heroes”

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse may be a new option in a nurse’s toolbelt when it comes to making his or her busy work life easier – or at the very least, a bit more comfortable.

The new Nike Air Zoom Pulse is designed to meet the needs and challenges that nurses, providers, and other healthcare professionals may face throughout their days. Almost everyone who works in healthcare deals with extreme work environments. For example, many nurses endure 12-hour shifts, and most of this time requires them to be on their feet.

Nike describes the Pulse as a “traditional clog made athletic” with several design features that will help nurses feel comfortable and secure throughout their day. These features include arch support to aid posture; a flexible drop-in midsole for a soft, yet snug fit; and a coated toe box to guard against spills (which, as all nurses know, happen frequently and unexpectedly).

These shoes are not only a tangible aid to better the lives of working nurses, but Nike also recognizes nurses’ heroism and has created a tangible aid to support the hard work they perform every day. The team at American Nurse Today applauds Nike and the Air Zoom Pulse. 





  1. I never got a chance to purchase the new Nike Air Zoom Pulse. They were sold out before I could order. Will they be available any time soon?


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