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NICU Nurses make Valentine’s Day outfits for littlest patients.

Lubbock, TX – Covenant NICU Nurses getting together to do something special for the littlest of patients. Making this Valentine’s Day super special.  It’s tonight’s Covenant Children’s Report.

NICU Nurse, Sarah Dudley says with NICU babies there are a variety of patients.  They come in premature at 24 weeks and sometimes earlier and even full term babies who just need a little help come to our area. 

NICU Nurses make Valentine's Day outfits for littlest patients.

For parents of babies born before their due date, the NICU nurses are like a second family.  Dudley says they wanted to do something positive for the babies and their families, stating that a lot of times it’s stressful and hard for the families and nurses around the holidays.

About 30 of the NICU nurses got together back before Christmas to make holiday outfits for the babies in NICU.

Dudley says it all started back before Christmas when one of the nurses saw the outfits on Facebook that other nurses had made and mentioned they should do the same thing. First they made the outfits for Christmas and finished up the outfits for Valentine’s Day on Sunday night.

NICU Nurses make Valentine's Day outfits for littlest patients.

Two of the babies that are in NICU, Zayden Martinez and A’Zierah Brooks got their outfits Sunday night and hopefully soon the cuties will be able to go home.  A Valentine from their nurses at Covenant.

Babies who leave NICU have to be able to feed well, breath well and gain weight before they are able to go home.

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