Nurse leaders and change

As a graduate nursing student, the article “Releasing our attachments to the past” (September 2015) really inspired me to take a closer look at the responsibilities of our nurse leaders. Healthcare is at a point of massive change, and Dr. Rose Sherman emphasizes ways to let go of “the way we’ve always done it”. With an aging nursing workforce, there have often been times I’ve heard talk of “the good old days of nursing”. According to Dr. Sherman, “When we feel fearful, clinging to what worked in the past can be comforting.” As an up-and-coming nurse leader, I realize that it will be my responsibility to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and not only embrace, but also help to create the change needed to improve our work environments. Thank you for publishing an article that helps nurse leaders realize the importance of innovation and suggests ways to positively lead the efforts!

Anna Meyer BSN, RN.


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