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Nursing shortage: 3 ways to prepare

Author(s): Julie Cullen

By Julie Cullen, Managing Editor, American Nurse Today

As the nursing shortage looms, healthcare organizations and leaders must take steps to address it now. These three strategies can help ensure nurse retention and quality patient care.

  1. Implement a training program that supports nurses as well as ensures they meet all quality care standards. Comprehensive training that includes preceptors and ongoing education and hands-on and simulation training will build nurse confidence and help prevent turnover.
  2. Leadership involvement requires nurse leaders to be aware of how nurses are feeling and perceiving the work environment. Face-to-face meetings with individual nurses will provide insight into what motivates them and will remind leaders what’s most important about nursing—patient care.
  3. Diversity hiring will ensure the population of nurses matches the patient population and provide opportunities for all nurses within an organization to become well-rounded healthcare providers.

Whether you’re a nurse leader or frontline nurse, you can advocate for changes that will benefit your organization, your colleagues, and your patients.

Source: MedPage Today


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