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I have rarely responded with a note to the editor, but just want to thank you for the excellent article in the May issue entitled “Civility starts with you“. As a seasoned RN of 37 years, I have seen many changes in the work place. One that has upset me the most is the disrespect and lack of civility that nurses give to each other, and especially new nurses. They are the future of nursing and deserve our patience, wisdom, and vast knowledge. One way to give back to a profession that has helped me support my family, and grow as a person, is to teach new nurses by example. Judith Lower’s article was so timely when she stated, “The goal of being civil is not to have other people reciprocate respect and kindness to you…The goal is for others to see you as successful when you continue to practice civility, regardless of others’ responses.” One person can make a difference, and it has to begin with you.

Jolene Ekema, RNC

Everson, Washington


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