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Study highlights potential effectiveness of yoga for chronic back pain in nurses

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

A recent study published in the Holistic Nursing Practice journal highlights the positive effects of yoga, tai chi, and other “movement-based mind-body interventions” for nurses and nurse practitioners who suffer from chronic back pain.

The study was conducted through a literature review of other studies which focused on the use of yoga, qigong, and tai chi for the management of back pain. The researchers  examined not only the physical outcomes (pain reduction) reported in these previous studies, but also the psychological outcomes (such as depression or anxiety) these interventions revealed.

Ultimately, the data suggests that there is a need for more clinical trials and research to determine the effectiveness of these movement-based management strategies, but nurses and nurse practitioners may consider introducing these approaches for themselves, and for their patients who may be “at high risk for adverse effects from pharmacological treatment.”

Please read the full study here.




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