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Supporting nurses: Coping with emotional stress

Author(s): Cindy Hausner, RN

I want to thank you for printing the article that supports nurses and our emotional health. I have been a nurse for 35 years. I remember working during the scary HIV/AIDS outbreak. I wish this type of support had been around at that time. I am so proud, now, to have the opportunity to help the education department here at Texas Health Huguley with professional development for our new nurses. This article is so relevant to the subject matter I present to our new graduates. I plan on utilizing the information in this article to help nurses fully understand the importance of taking care of ourselves. I particularly enjoyed the section entitled “ Don’t go it alone”. The best support group nurses will find are other nurses who understand.

I was also very happy to read about “Second victim syndrome and PTSD”. I believe it is a huge relief to nurses when they learn that there is a name for what they are feeling. It is real AND there is help available for us. Our job is extremely rewarding, but can, at times, be profoundly difficult. Thank you again for publishing this incredibly helpful article.

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