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This week is Healthcare Quality Week!

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

Healthcare Quality Week (October 20 – 26) is in full swing, and we wish to recognize the importance of this initiative by sharing resources for our visitors to learn more about healthcare quality.

Next month, we are hosting a webinar about a new workforce management tool that helps hospitals manage staffing schedules and optimize nurses’ and other healthcare providers’ level of care. With these kinds of tools, your team can feel confident you are ensuring top-level quality healthcare.

Self-care and stress management also are vitally important to healthcare professional well-being and quality care. We are passionate about raising awareness on this topic and ensuring our readers have plenty of resources:

Select Reading:

The National Association for Healthcare Quality is leading the Healthcare Quality Week initiative and is a great resource for all healthcare professionals to use to celebrate this topic and learn more about how they can raise their own level of care.


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