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Time’s Up Healthcare: Ending a culture of harassment

Author(s): American Nurse Today

Women make up 80% of healthcare workers but only 11% of healthcare CEOs. And data on gender inequity in healthcare professions show “an entrenched culture of harassment.” With that data in hand, Time’s Up is turning its attention to healthcare, with these founding principles:

  • Sexual harassment and gender inequity have no place in the healthcare workplace.
  • Every employee should have equitable opportunity, support, and compensation.
  • We cannot address a problem without understanding its scope and impact.

Time’s Up Healthcare is composed of 50 founding members and 13 senior advisors, and it’s supported by several professional groups, including the American Nurses Association, the American Medical Women’s Association, and the Service Employees International Union. Among the group’s many goals is to highlight the damage caused by sexual harassment, misconduct, and gender inequity to ensure a safe workplace for everyone. The focus will be broad, and include educational institutions, residency and preceptor programs, and all levels of management and administration.



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