To the New Nurse

Author(s): Sarah Bedi, DNP, FNP-C

As an educator for the nurses of the future,
My job is to teach, inspire, cultivate and care
I want them to love nursing as I do,
Not just a profession, but a calling of human repair

These new nurses face challenges no others have faced,
Their clinical experience cut short as the world closed down to contain
They will emerge as frontline soldiers
Without the experience of boot camp, providing the confidence to gain

These new nurses will feel the world on their shoulders,
The unfathomable pressure they must bare
How they must feel lonely, scared, and angry
Without any extra time, resources or tears to spare

I have hope in these new nurses
Through all the trauma, tears, codes and pain
They will find a way to care for themselves as well
And, their passion for helping others will surely sustain

—Sarah Bedi, DNP, FNP-C


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