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Where have all the hospitals gone?

Author(s): Julie Cullen

Did you know that the maximum number of U.S. hospitalizations occurred in 1981? Since then, the population has increased by 40%, but hospitalizations have decreased by 10%. The result? The number of U.S. hospitals has declined from 6,933 in 1981 to 5,534 in 2018.

So, why has that happened, and what does it mean for hospitals and the nurses and other healthcare workers who are employed by them? An op-ed in the February 26, 2018 issue of The New York Times tries to answer some of those questions.

What does the future of healthcare hold for hospitals? Where will care take place and who will be providing it? Some hospitals are already preparing for these changes. If you work in a hospital, is yours getting ready to adjust to this shift? Are they solidifying community ties or taking other steps? I’d love to hear what you think. You can post a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter (@AmerNurse2Day).


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