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ANA and Prudential partner to help nurses with financial planning


The American Nurses Association (ANA) is partnering with Prudential Financial, Inc., to offer financial wellness solutions for members.

The collaboration enables Prudential to support nurses in navigating their financial lives during the pandemic and beyond with a Prudential Financial Wellness program. Nurses have access to tools and solutions tailored to their individual needs through ANA channels and Prudential’s Financial Wellness platform, which includes an interactive financial road-mapping resource, LINK by Prudential.

“In times of immense stress, such as we are experiencing right now, financial wellness can be pushed down the list of priorities. This is particularly true of nurses, who put the needs of others before their own,” said Vishal Jain, head of financial wellness strategy and development at Prudential.

At prudential.com/ana, nurses will find free financial wellness assessment and debt management tools along with articles about topics like retirement, investing, planning for college, caring for aging parents, and more. In addition, the program offers free, on-demand webinars on financial topics.

“The last thing nurses should have to stress over when they come home is their finances,” said Gregory Dyson, ANA Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. “I am immensely proud of this partnership with Prudential, which gives us the opportunity to provide these valuable financial resources to our nation’s nurses.”

For more information about the Prudential Financial Wellness program for ANA, visit prudential.com/ana.


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