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Special Report – War on Pain

Nursing Strategies to Improve Pain Care in Veterans and Military Personnel

US troops in Iraq breathe polluted air

Research presented at the 241st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society found that US troops in Iraq breath air that “often is polluted...

Rand report calls for more action to prevent military suicide

“The War Within: Preventing Suicide in the U.S. Military,” a report released by the Rand Corporation, states U.S. military officials should improve their efforts...

Recognizing posttraumatic stress disorder in military veterans

More than a half million members of the military have become our newest veterans. Compared to veterans of previous conflicts, Iraq and Afghanistan combat...

Issues up close

Nurses in the Department, Veterans Administration, Federal Nurses Association (FedNA), and other groups are collaborating to make sue the healthcare needs of active-duty military personnel and veterans are met.

Reflections on nursing in Vietnam

Mary Jo Rice-Mahoney, RN, MSN, Colonel U.S. Army, Retired, knows what it’s like to practice nursing in a war zone. She began her military...