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Paperless in the United Kingdom: National Health Service goal for 2018

The National Health Service must embrace technology to meet the challenges it faces.

Preparing for electronic health records in the UK

The transition to a paperless health system is a chance for nurses to shape the technology.

Collaborating on technology: A learning exchange between U.S. and U.K. nurses

An immersion study found that shared governance helps healthcare organizations keep up with technology.

Enabling the ordinary: More time to care

The value of technology in automating and improving patient care

How nurses drive rapid electronic records implementation

Nurses in one large healthcare system are involved at all levels of EHR implementation

Tips for achieving healthy sleep

Learn about the behavioral and environmental factors that can interfere with your sleep.

Shiftwork sleep disorder: Raising awareness for yourself and your patients

As a shiftworker, you may have this disorder yourself. As a caregiver, you may detect it in patients.

Moving the Sharps Safety Agenda Forward: Consensus Statement and Call to Action

Note: This Consensus Statement and Call to Action was drafted by members of the steering committee* for the conference "Tenth Anniversary of the Needlestick...

The development of this Special Report has been funded by BD.

Please click the PDF icon above to download a PDF of this Supplement. The development of this special report was funded by BD. Content of...

Choosing wisely: Resources for selecting sharps safety devices

An essential part of a sharps safety program is selecting appropriate devices, such as safety needles. While no one device, feature, or mechanism of...