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Exploring intimacy and mystery in egg tempera

“My interest in art started at the age of 12 when my parents sent me for art lessons because I seemed to have no hobbies,” Lora Arbrador explains. “I continued to paint and draw through high school and college. After college, I realized that it’s difficult to support oneself financially as an artist so I became a nurse. Nursing became my new passion, but after about 4 years, I went back to art and found that my nursing experience influenced my art in a unique way. I am grateful that I can combine two professions—nurse and artist.”

From the cold chrome of the operating room to the lush blue-green of coastal forests, Lora Arbrador is fearless in her vision while probing for beauty and mystery. “Devoid of cliché” is one of her most cherished compliments of her work.

The paintings are created in egg tempera (egg yolk mixed with pure pigment). Her 30 years of nursing experience provide Arbrador with wellsprings of ideas and deep knowledge of the human body. Intimacy and romance between humans and nature are inspired by Arbrador’s study of native plants and time spent living close to nature.

Arbrador has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, including South Bend Regional Museum of Art (Indiana), Woman Made Gallery (Chicago), Wenatchee Valley College Art Gallery (Washington), and the Badè Museum of the Pacific School of Religion (California). She also has taught egg tempera to adults and middle-school children.

Lora Arbrador is the “brush name” of Laura Goldbaum, RN, San Francisco, California.
You can view more of her work at www.yellowyolk.com.


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