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Featured Feedback | October 2020

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

We received some amazing comments during the month of October and we wanted to highlight our favorites! Read some of this amazing feedback below and catch up on the articles which spurred our readers to share their thoughts.

Tattooed scars of war

“PTS is real and it’s ignorance that allows one to say a woman doesn’t look like a person with this trauma that’s fostered on the inside because us women tend to do that so often. Our beauty shows to the world as our inside takes a beating. The anxiety that makes your inside shake like a leaf, the sleepless nights of trying to block out thing, blocking out others by avoiding phone calls or staying at home, unable to concentrate and becoming overwhelmed easily, etc.” – Mia W.

It’s time to put a nurse in the White House

“Great article. I never considered running for local office but Meg is right, nurses were trained to be the right politician we need now.” – Beth F.

High-flow nasal cannulas: Risks and benefits in response to COVID-19

“Very relevant information. I forwarded to all my ICU staff as well as managers for step-down units and Med/surg.” – Sonia N.

Ethics in a pandemic

“Thank you so very much for this valuable article. The article is valuable in that it provides the important steps health professional can take to identify the internal conflicts, acknowledge moral distress, and speak out about our experiences in a productive fashion.” – Donna D-C.

Cancer immunotherapy update

“Beautiful article on adverse events from immunotherapy, symptom management and educational interventions. Useful for the nurse working in the oncology field.” -Piero P.


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