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First coronavirus patient identified in U.S.

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

On the heels of today’s earlier post regarding the increase mortality rates in Wuhan, China from the coronavirus, The New York Times (NYT) just released an article detailing news that the first U.S. patient with coronavirus has been identified.

Scientists know that coronavirus spreads person to person, but there is uncertainty in exactly how the virus spreads. The article expresses the importance of hand hygiene, and to be mindful of people who may be showing symptoms (coughing or sneezing). Medical professionals are advised to make an effort to identify and isolate patients who may have the coronavirus.

The NYT article includes mention that the World Health Organization is meeting tomorrow, January 22, to decide if the outbreak of the coronavirus should be considered an international public health emergency.

Please read the entire NYT article, here.




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