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July 2018 Vol. 13 No. 7


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Immunotherapy is becoming the standard of cancer care. Are you up-to-date on its indications, side effects, and nursing implications? This issue’s CNE article reviews three therapies: CAR T-cell therapy, oncolytic viral immunotherapy, and checkpoint inhibitors. Other clinical articles this month include cystitis and recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in children. We’ve also included a critical care focus section with articles on family presence during resuscitation and the ABCDEF bundle for post-intensive care syndrome. Our Wellness 101 series continues with an article on social wellness and the importance of connecting with others for physical, mental, and emotional health. And the Leading the Way article (“Discovering your true north”) offers great insight into how you can discover your authentic self so you can stay true to your values, beliefs, and sense of purpose.


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