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Consider adoption

    1. You are skilled at the art of patience.
    2. You know you to give excellent care under pressure.
    3. You know how to show care and then say goodbye.
    4. You understand why it’s important to have a great support system.
    5. You are used to working with social workers.
    6. You belief in the importance of showing love.

Does this sound like a nurse? It does. But these are also the qualities of a foster parent.

Since 1894, ChildServ has helped children in the state of Illinois find their way to better lives. In that 118-year history, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to give kids the best chance possible for success. One of the things we have seen time and again is that nurses, teachers and people in the helping professions make amazing foster parents. Their ability to care, their quickness on their feet and their understanding of the welfare system are all unique gifts.

I write today with a special message to people in the helping professions: Please consider sharing your gift with a child or young adult who seriously needs your help.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, simply visit www.childserv.org/foster. You can see the criteria for fostering and learn more about what fostering is like. You can also learn more by calling our foster parent recruitment staff at 773.867.7323.

On behalf of ChildServ, thank you for choosing a profession that makes the world healthier, safer, more educated and better for all of us.

James C. Jones
President & CEO


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