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Nurse Helps Families Who Lost Homes in Santa Rosa Wildfire

Author(s): American Nurse Today

In October, thousands of homes in Santa Rosa, California were lost to wild fires. Payton Walton, a nurse who lives in Marin and works in Santa Rosa recently took to social media to match up her Marin neighbors with members of the Santa Rosa community to help them through this incredibly difficult time. So far, Payton and her team of coordinators have matched 1,700 volunteer families with 125 Santa Rosa citizens to provide them with much needed material and emotional support.

Payton explains her efforts simply: “[As healthcare workers], we all make a promise to not abandon anybody if they are in a vulnerable situation if they’re a patient, so that had to be a focus because we were the only hospital left in town.”

Payton and her coordinators recently appeared on The Doctors. You can watch the videos here.


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