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Protesting and accountability

Author(s): Danisha Jenkins, PhD, RN, CCRN, NEA-BC, a member of the ANA Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Board

To: Ethics Advisory Board   

From: Confused protestor

Subject: Sanctioned for expressing my moral point of view  

I participated in what was planned and advertised as a peaceful protest; however, people were gravely injured and property was damaged during the protest. My employer saw my photo and actions at the rally in a social media post, and I was fired from my position as an RN for “unprofessional behavior.” My state’s board of nursing also was made aware of my participation and has notified me that I’m being investigated for “moral turpitude.” I thought that the code of ethics allowed nurses to express their own moral point of view, which I was doing when I participated in this protest. What should I do now?

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