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Management of aggressive patient situations

Program development, implementation, and evaluation. Takeaways Workplace violence is a growing threat in healthcare worldwide and rates of verbal and physical assault correlate with patient...

Compassion fatigue risk among skilled nursing facility nurses

Self-care combined with organizational support can aid prevention and resilience. Takeaways: Skilled nursing facility (SNF) nurses caring for older adults experience a variety of resident...

Let’s hear it for the boys

Diversity in nursing—including nurses of all genders, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds—ensures empathetic and equitable patient care. Takeaways: Nursing struggles to reach an equitable number of...
aromatherapy clinical setting ant

Using aromatherapy in the clinical setting: Making sense of scents

This study investigated the use of aromatherapy in the workplace to reduce nurse stress. Takeaways: Essential oil (aromatherapy) uses “naturally extracted aromatic essences from...

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menopause and sleep problems

Menopause and Sleep Problems

Data shows that sleep disturbances increase in prevalence during the menopausal transition, with the most common complaint being nighttime awakenings. Take our quick three-question survey...