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Person-centered care and dementia

Best practices for residents living in long-term care Takeaways: A growing body of evidence supports the idea that personhood and selfhood are not lost even...

Pressure injury prevention in long-term care

Follow the evidence to improve outcomes.  Takeaways: High quality healthcare is established using evidence-based practice in nursing protocols and procedures. To decrease pressure injury (PI)...
Cancer survivorship

Long-term cancer survivorship nurse practitioner care model promotes patient quality of life

It’s not uncommon for cancer patients to say they classify themselves as a cancer survivor by having lived at least 5 years past the...

Refining stool consistency descriptors can help prevent adverse outcomes

Stool consistency and form are significant aspects of a GI assessment, providing valuable information about the patient’s bowel motility. Properly identifying and describing these...

Update on home health care: How it’s changing

By understanding how home health care has changed, acute-care nurses can partner more effectively with home care nurses.

Our Readers Respond

Problems with privacy The policies developed around privacy, at least in LTC , are rigid, and often inappropriate given the age and often confusion (especially...

Exercise is key part of stroke recovery

Exercise should be prescribed for stroke survivors because it can significantly reduce disability and the risk of recurrent stroke, according to “Physical Activity and...

Call for abstracts for home care conference

The second annual International Home Care Nurses Organization Conference, Sept. 23-26 in Singapore, has released a call for abstracts. Deadline is April 1. Read...

A powerful question: “Have you ever served in the military?”

To help ensure military veterans get appropriate diagnosis and treatment, ask patients if they’ve ever served in the military.

Study: Cost analysis of ACL reconstruction surgery

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is less costly and more effective than rehabilitation, according to a cost-utility analysis published in the Journal of Bone...

The new health insurance marketplace

Our editor-in-chief discusses the upcoming insurance requirement related to the Affordable Care Act and emphasizes the need for nurses to be knowledgeable about the requirements so they can help friends, family, and patients navigate the health insurance marketplace.

A horse is a horse—and sometimes part of a clinical team, too

Equine-assisted activities and therapies partner professionals with horses to address the patient’s needs.

Medication adherence report gives U.S. C+

“2013 Medication Adherence in America: A National Report 2013” gives people in the U.S. with chronic medical conditions a C+ grade. The report, from...

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For Nurse Practitioners

NP taking pregnant woman's blood pressure

AHA: It’s Safe to Treat High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy can present significant risks to mother and child, but practitioners have sometimes be hesitant to prescribe blood pressure medication...