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Our Readers Respond

Problems with privacy

The policies developed around privacy, at least in LTC [long-term care], are rigid, and often inappropriate given the age and often confusion (especially with infections) of many of our residents. Thanks for letting the world know that this issue is NOT resolved and is a continuing thorn in the side of nurses who must deal with often angry families/friends.

— LTC/RN, via online

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  1. YES…YES…Yes…This is a big issue with pt’s who are cognitively impaired and have children in all four corners of the US who call and want to know how “mama’s” doing and we cannot tell them. There needs to be something in place for patients who have no way of communicating for themselves. Even if the family member says, “But I’m POA,” how can we prove they are who they claim to be? We as nurses feel the pain they must when we tell them that we cannot share any information.


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