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Exciting changes to the American Nurse Today Website!

Author(s): Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

The American Nurse Today team is excited to announce several changes to our site, all of which are intended to enhance your experience.

The first change is a new Navigation Bar with content sorted by clinical topics! Now if you come to American Nurse Today seeking information on a specific subject, you’ll be able to more easily find and navigate through our incredible archive of resources.

Additionally, we’ve added several new additions to our Advisor Series, including Nursing Education, Infection Prevention, and Technology in Healthcare.

American Nurse Today also is adding consistently to our news and blogs with weekly summaries of the latest healthcare news and managing editor Julie Cullen’s take on nursing as a non-nurse.

We’re excited to announce these changes, and we hope you’re excited, too! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to me at LKim@healthcommedia.com.

– Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor


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