How to give so you also receive

Contribute to your favorite charity and reduce your federal income tax in the process.

Stress busters and sanity savers

How to survive your shift unscathed - with less stress

Crossword Answers – The heart of the matter

Answers to the crossword for American Heart Month
dog sick caring best friend

Caring for my best friend

Like many of my colleagues, I became a nurse because of my desire to help people. I wanted to relieve suffering, offer comfort, and restore health. I wanted to make a difference.   Over the...

Tap your way to fast relief

Want to reduce physical and psychological stress? Emotional Freedom Techniques may be able to help.

Helping homeless pregnant women: A lesson in hope

For some pregnant women, being home for the holidays means staying at a homeless shelter.

Could your headache really be a migraine?

If your headaches interfere with your job, home life, and leisure activities, read this article to learn when to suspect you may have a migraine and what to do about it.

Poetic expression: Verse 2

In her second appearance on this page, nurse and poet Kristina Ibitayo presents three more poems.

Facing off against identity theft

Follow this expert's advice on how to prevent and cope with identity theft.

A textile tribute to the ideals and icons of nursing

Rita Bergevin, MA, RN, BC, created a banner that depicts both the gentleness and tenacity embodied by our nursing pioneers.

Meeting your patients spiritual needs

When a patient says, "I'm afraid I'm going to die," do you offer empty reassurances? Find an excuse to leave the room? Read this article to learn about simple spiritual interventions that can aid a patient in spiritual distress.

Aromatherapy for you and your patient

Use fragrant oils to soothe muscles, relieve tension, and more.

Interwoven art of understanding

Communicating with crochet.