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The importance of being unreasonable

Nurses, on the whole, are a darn nice group of people. After all, nurses have a reputation for being caring, self-sacrificing, nurturing, hardworking, and honest. So why don’t nurses feel more respected?I’m going to...

Therapeutic storytelling in nursing practice

Storytelling is a useful way to promote holistic care. The next time your patient shows poor coping ability, you might want to ask him to tell a story about what he's experiencing.

The freeing force of laughter

By reciting wacky dialogue from a scene in a Monty Python movie, Mary Delisle, RN, interrupted the negative thought patterns of a patient mired in dread and dispair.

You deserve a healthy lifestyle

Practical advice on weight management for nurses.

The ring

A lesson in loss and love.

The joys of journaling and poetic expression

A journalist before becoming a nurse, Kristina Ibitayo has never abandoned her love for writing. Her poems celebrate true friendship and probe life's possibilities.

Five credit card traps that can sink you

Anyone who uses credit cards (and who doesn't) should read this article to learn about universal default and other credit pitfalls that can endager your financial future.

Break the cycle of stress with PBR3

Only you can relieve your stress, but this little tool can be a big help.

Touch of kindness

Helping a little victim of sexual assault brings a profound realization.

A North Dakota nurse makes photography her second calling

Becky Graner's photographs capture nature in all its facets - fierce, serene, or on the cusp of extinction.

Kick the cigarette habit!

A smoking cessation instructor helps you ditch cigarettes forever. Find out which cessation method suits you best, ways to cope with cigarette cravings, and how to get back on the wagon if you relapse.

Exploring intimacy and mystery in egg tempera

Years of nursing experience provide wellsprings of artistic ideas for Lora Abrador.

Add a dash of spice to your recipe for health

10 tasty ways to improve your health.