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The frontlines of patient care: How one nurse showed appreciation for Nina Pham

Amy Duncan, RN, is an ED and neonatal ICU nurse at Trinity Mother Frances Health System in Tyler, TX. When she joined the Texas Nurses Association/American Nurses Association in October, she showed her commitment to the profession by honoring a fellow nurse who put her life on the line to care for Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man treated in Dallas for the Ebola virus.

Nurse Duncan made a donation to the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) Honor A Nurse program to recognize Nina Pham, RN, of Texas Presbyterian Health. She thought that Pham deserved this honor because “she is a great example for nurses everywhere—she truly was on the frontline of patient care.”

ANF is pleased to honor Pham with this prestigious recognition and thanks both her and nurse Duncan for their commitment to quality patient care.

The Honor A Nurse program was created by ANF to publicly acknowledge nurses who have made a difference in the lives of others. Through a partnership with Wolters Kluwer Health, ANF is raising the visibility of Honor A Nurse and the public’s recognition of the invaluable contributions nurses make to improve patient care and the nation’s health care system.

Anyone—a patient, clinician, friend, colleague, mentor, or teacher—can honor a nurse who has made a difference in the practice of nursing. The program accepts donations that can be given on behalf of the honoree. Each honoree is then recognized through the tiered-giving levels and featured on the Honor A Nurse website at www.givetonursing.org.

To learn more about the American Nurses Foundation and how you can honor a nurse, please visit www.givetonursing.org.

Lindsey Romine is the annual giving manager for the American Nurses Foundation.


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