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Which statement about breast-feeding and obesity is correct?

a. Breast-feeding has no effect on the risk of obesity in children.

b. Breast-feeding is associated with a higher risk of children becoming overweight.

c. The beneficial effects of breast-feeding on weight may last into the late teen years.

d. The beneficial effects of breast-feeding on weight end in the early teen years.

Correct answer: c. Studies show that breast-feeding is associated with a lower risk of children becoming overweight. The benefits of breast-feeding may extend into the late teen years and even adulthood.

To learn more, read the continuing education article: “End the epidemic of childhood obesity…one family at a time

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  1. I breasted all 3 sons. All were scholar athletes, college grads with advanced degrees, and now successful professionals with good health and no obesity.

  2. Having breast fed 3 children totally for 6monthds prior to starting solids and then as long as each child showed interest-by 15 months they were the most independent and socially interactive with peers kids-not fat,one went to the Olympics in college and the other 2 participated in gymnastics.


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