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Our readers repond


October 5, 2015

In response to: Understanding the Charge Nurse’s Role in Staffing (September, 2015)

Dear Editor:

The American Nurses Association (ANA) beautifully outlined principles of how to achieve a solid, efficient and effective staffing plan. But how realistic and feasible is this plan when facilities are already working with a huge disparity of experienced nurses? Ideally there should be a good patient- to- nurse ratio to ensure that nurses is not overworked and able to provide optimal care for their patients. As far as I can see charge nurses will continue to face these challenges until hospitals start to provide better work environment such as enough experienced nurses, less mandated overtime work hours and better resources for nurses. There is little that charge nurses can do to safeguard a smooth shift if they are not given the right tools to do their job.

Joan Edite-Rickman RN

Brooklyn, NY


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