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Our Readers Respond – Nurse managers workshops

In response to “A case study of a managers’ workshop” in the March 2015 issue: I currently work as a staff nurse and for the past 9 years I have worked under several managers. I have seen nurse managers lose touch of guiding staff because of the position expectations, large amounts of paperwork, and countless meetings. Workshops for managers are a great step to ensure that nurse managers are being taught the correct way to lead staff. I am excited to know that such a program exist.

Knowing how to be an effective nurse leader is important not only to the staff but to the organization as well. I believe it is necessary for a nurse leader to display proficient clinical and leadership skills; these are aspects of a good nurse leader. Staff nurses deserve leaders who influence, empower, and encourage creativity to provide excellent nursing care and safe patient outcomes. Leaders are the official resource professional regarding facility nursing policies and procedures. I think this program should be mandatory for new managers throughout the healthcare system. This would increase staff retention and recruitment, improve the work environment, and decrease feelings of intimidation by staff members.

Florence Parker, BSN, RN, is a staff nurse in the intensive care unit at Central Texas Veterans Health Administration in Temple, Texas


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