Hair, she mused looking at her reflection,

What is it really?

Just dead cells growing out of one’s head.

Yet, she had spent countless hours

caring for it,

and many dollars improving it.

Stores are full of products just for hair.

But really, what is the significance of hair?

Men go bald—sometimes by choice,

Sometimes by genes.

Some of them deal with it well

And wear their pates with pride,

While others do the combover—

Either way, society seems content.

So why are hairless Women viewed differently?

Secretly, they had made her uncomfortable.

She was a nurse—so why this awkwardness?

She had never let her feelings show

while caring for them,

But inwardly she had been cringing

Afraid—Afraid it might happen to her.

Hair, she mused, What is it really?

Just dead cells growing out of one’s head.

She winked at her bald reflection

And finally gave herself a smile.

The hair loss was temporary—

it would grow back,

But inside she was changed forever.

Angela Lewis, Bellevue, Washington, has been a nurse for 25 years. She has worked in geriatrics, medical oncology, and gastroenterology. She is currently in remission for ovarian cancer.


  1. Beautiful. I am an RN currently working on my FNP. I worked oncology for 8 years in the hospital & in the clinic setting. Here I learned my most valuable life lessons; I learned to reflect & appreciate the small things in life & to weed the things that are insignificant; society is too quick to place value on the petty things in life (like hair for example) I have long since left oncology, but will always remember that there is no such thing as a bad hair day.


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