American Nurse Today Journal – June, 2017 Vol 12 Number 6

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American Nurse Today Journal June 2017

Editorial: Avoiding career stallers and stoppers
american nurses association journalBy Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, FAAN, Editor-in-Chief

Social media can be fun and informative, but use it wisely or you could bring your successful career to an abrupt halt.


american nurses association journalamerican nurses association journal february 2017 Caring for patients with rheumatoid arthritis in the community
By Adeline Chu and Bernard NG

Care of patients with rheumatoid arthritis is moving into the home and ambulatory settings. Learn how nurses can help these patients achieve remission or low disease activity.


tic lyme disease prevention treatment

American Nurse Today Journal Lyme disease: Prevention and treatment

By Denise Stagg and Jessica McCarthy

Find out what you need to know to educate patients about preventing Lyme disease and identifying early symptoms.


american nurse today journal february

Strictly Clinical
Rapid Response

23 When all signs point to tension pneumothorax
By Amy Shay
Do you know how to identify tension pneumothorax in unventilated patients? Find out how this nurse’s recognition of early symptoms saved her patient’s life.

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Save our Soles
By DeSales Foster
Diabetic foot ulcers aren’t just painful, they can lead to infection and amputation. Thorough foot assessment of hospitalized patients with diabetes can be the key to prevention.

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Drugs and devices today
An update of drug news, including alerts, approvals, and removals.


american nurses association journal february 2017

Practice Matters

16 Nursing – Built on a cornerstone of leadershipAmerican Nurses Association
By Adam Tebben

National Student Nurses’ Association president Adam Tebben shares his thought on how experienced nurses can provide the leadership that helps new nurses succeed.

American Nurses Association18 Empowering nurses with infection control resources
By Sametria McCammon and Sharon Morgan
Take advantage of these resources to ensure infection prevention in your organization.

From Where I Stand

48 We vs. They
By Leah Curtin
Finding the similarities in the people you encounter, rather than the differences, can lead to kindness and acceptance.

coexist kindness acceptance

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Communication for coordination
By Colleen M. Morley
When inter professional teams work together, they smooth the way for patient transition and discharge.

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Take Note
A round-up of clinical and practice news and alerts.

american nurse today journal frontline annual report


american nurses association journal february 2017

American Nurses AssociationANA on the Frontline

31 Learn about the top issues facing ANA member nurses, how ANA is working for you, and what ANA is doing to advance nursing. This month, read ANA’s 2016 annual report.

click: [download the 2016 Annual Report PDF]

American Nurses Association Career Sphere
Career Sphere

6 Promoting professionalism through awareness
By Marilyn Dubree, April Kapu, Michelle Terrell, James W. Pichert, William O. Cooper, and Gerald B. Hickson
A pattern of disruptive behavior in the workplace requires a conversation that highlight the important of adhering to organizational values and goals to ensure patient safety and a healthy work environment.


46 Partnering with subject-matter experts
By Kimberly H. Taylor and Dyan A. Troxel
Educating staff and patients sometimes requires the kind of knowledge only a subject-matter expert can provide. Learn how to work with these experts to create an educational presentation that meets the needs of your audience.

educating nurse staff patients

american nurses association leading the way

Leading the Way

24 Building trust in your leadership
By Rose O. Sherman
What steps do you need to take to construct an environment of trust?


27 Justifying the purchase of a data-driven, acuity-based staffing system
By Sylvain Trepanier
By building a business case for an acuity-based staffing system, you help ensure patient needs are met.


American Nurses Association29 Advocacy for all

By Apryl Motley
Patricia Ford-Roegner, winner of the ANA 2016 Barbara Thoman Curtis Award, offers advice for nurses who want to become involved in advocacy and board service.


american association of nurses journal february 2017


39 Relax with lavender
By Martha J. Greenberg and Anesha Narain
Anxiety and lack of sleep are familiar to most nurses, especially nursing students. Find out how lavender essential oil can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.


Focus on… Infection Prevention

 Nursing strategies to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia
By Emily Boltey, Olga Yakusheva, and Deena Kelly Costa
Minimized ventilator exposure, excellent oral hygiene, subglottic suctioning, positioning and mobility, and adequate staffing all help to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia. Learn how to put these strategies into action.

nursing strategies prevent ventilator pneumonia

44 Catheter-associated urinary tract infection prevention tool
Use this evidence-based tool to help prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infection.


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