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Editorial: Professional, pyramids and Peter Pan
american nurses association journalBy Lillee Gelinas, Editor-in-Chief

Professional behavior, effective communication, and self-care all start with responsibility.


american nurses association journalNursing communication and the gender identity spectrum
By Katherine Sullivan, Anissa Gizman, and Danielle Lancellotti

Wherever your patients are on the gender spectrum, your openness and respect will help ensure they receive the best possible health care.


APRNs and the Choosing Wisely CampaignAmerican Nurse Today Journal – May, 2017 APRNs and the Choosing Wisely Campaign

By Ruth M. Kleinpell, April Kapu, Briana Witherspoon, Lauren Oliver, Jayme Gibson,
Haley Vance, Janet M. Myers, Roslyn Green, Ann Minnick,
Pierce Trumbo, and Wade Iams.

By documenting outcomes and accomplishments, you ensure recognition of APRN-led initiatives.


American Nurse Today Journal – Mayamerican nurses association journal february 2017
Caring for patients with a left ventricular assist device

By Heather Martonik

caring for patients with a left ventricular assist deviceLearn how to manage the challenging care of these patients, including recognizing complications and supporting caregivers.


american nurse today journal february

Strictly Clinical
Rapid Response

12 Barely breathing
By Danielle Van Damme and Lauren Marentette
When a child shows signs of hypoxia after surgery, what steps should the rapid response team take to assess, treat, and monitor?

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Detecting dysphagia
By Carel Mountain and Kimberlee Golles
Use this simple assessment technique to detect dysphagia and reduce your patient’s risk for aspiration pneumonia.

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Drugs and devices today
An update of drug news, including alerts, approvals, and removals.


american nurses association journal february 2017

Practice Matters

26 Advocating for access to safe, quality careAmerican Nurses Association
By Pamela F. Cipriano

ANA continues to be a voice for patients within the changing healthcare landscape.

American Nurses Association27 The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge—Join Now!
By Jamie Murphy Dawson
Become part of the effort to improve the health of the country by improving the health of nurses.


American Nurse Today Journal – May, 2017 Vol 12 Number 4From Where I Stand

48 You’re not necessarily entitled to your opinion
By Leah Curtin
What’s an opinion and does everyone have a right to express it?

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Take Note
A round-up of clinical and practice news and alerts.


american nurses association journal february 2017

American Nurses Association
ANA on the Frontline

29 Learn about the top issues facing ANA member nurses, how ANA is working for you, and what ANA is doing to advance nursing. This month’s feature provides a wrap up of a recent ANA conference on quality.

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ANA on the Frontline

American Nurses Association Career Sphere American Nurse Today Journal – May, 2017 Vol 12 Number 4Career Sphere
18 Promoting professionalism by sharing a cup of coffee
By Marilyn Dubree, April Kapu, Michelle Terrell, James W. Pichert, William O. Cooper, and Gerald B. Hickson

An informal conversation over a cup of coffee may stop problematic behavior before it becomes a pattern.


american nurses association leading the way

Leading the Way
American Nurses Association

37 Promoting staff engagement
By Rose O. Sherman
What steps can you take to keep your staff engaged?

American Nurse Today Journal – May, 2017 Vol 12 Number 4|

American Nurses Association39 Leadership and women’s health
By Donna Grande
Learn how this nurse leader used her own personal grief to understand emotional intelligence and put that knowledge to professional use.

american association of nurses journal february 2017

Fighting the effects of nurse fatigueMind/Body/Spirit

Fighting the effects of nurse fatigue
By Kelsey Wong
Nurse fatigue is more than just being tired. It can affect patient care and your own health and safety.

Web Exclusive! Research 101
Forest plots
By Ellen Fineout-Overholt and Zhaomin He
Understanding and interpreting meta-analyses can help you make better clinical decisions.

Focus on … Critical Care

central line-associated bloodstream infections42 Reducing the risk of central line-associated bloodstream infections
By Krista Williamson, Lorie Gonzalez, Ashley Neusbaum, and Jaime Messing
Learn how a medical-surgical unit developed a program to reduce central line access and decrease bloodstream infections.

46 Making the right decision
Limiting central line access requires good decision-making skills. This decision tree maps the process to help reduce access.


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