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March 2019 Vol. 14 No. 3

Many articles have been written about nurse bullying and incivility. Topics range from building a culture of civility to addressing specific instances of bullying. But what if you’re accused of bullying? Would you know what to do? Our Healthy Nurse article reviews how you should handle an accusation of bullying, including reflecting on your own behavior and steps you can to take to repair the professional relationship so everyone can focus on patient care.

Another article in this issue that discusses nurse behavior is the first in a two-part series: “When a BON disciplinary process is based on substance misuse disorder.” In the past, nurses who misused drugs or alcohol were disciplined and sent on their way. No effort was made to help them recover and continue with their careers. Alternative approaches to discipline focus on treatment so nurses can return to health and patient care.

Other articles in this issue include the CNE on implementing evidence-based practice changes, a feature that follows the case of a nurse and his patient with a pulmonary embolism, and a Rapid Response article on tube feeding aspiration. This month’s focus section is on informatics nursing—one article looks at career opportunities and the other reviews how predictive analytics can impact sepsis diagnosis and treatment.

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