Congress dithers as healthcare reform looms. Check it out for yourself!

With Congress dithering on health care, there hasn’t been much to report. However, the healthcare debate is so complex—and so filled with lies, distortions, and half-truths—that it’s hard to keep track of what’s actually in the legislation and what’s not. So here's a brief overview, with lots of links so you can read about it yourself.

And now we go to debate

The Senate made history Saturday evening at 8 PM, November 21, 2009. It voted to open debate on H.R. 3590, its $848 billion healthcare reform bill.

How much money could health-care reform save the average American family?

My mind boggles and my head hurts when I hear the nonsensical discussions about how much money it’s going to cost us to enact meaningful healthcare reform It won't cost Americans more money. In fact, it'll save a LOT The

A whole lot better than good enough!

Progressives are bent out of shape because the newest version of healthcare reform from the House, unveiled on Thursday, doesn’t go far enough because the public option has been watered down.

Greed Rampant on a Field of Green(backs)!

Every once in a while, the behavior of some business leaders makes me see red—the Wall Street moguls who took the taxpayers’ bail-out money—and gave themselves huge salaries and even bigger bonuses.

A curmudgeon guide to healthcare reform

Curmudgeons' reputation for malevolence is undeserved. They're neither warped nor evil at heart. They don't hate mankind—just mankind's absurdities. What follows is a curmudgeon’s response to the various absurdities currently circulating about healthcare reform circa 2009.

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Health Care Reform: Americans WANT a Public Option!

A new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll (taken September 29 through October 1, 2009) found a majority of Americans prefer that Congress pass a Democrat-only health care bill that includes a public option over a bipartisan bill that does not.

The Real Enemies of Health Care Reform

The real enemies of healthcare reform are delays, nitpicking, and special interests. And not just the insurance companies either! Every group who has any possible axe to grind wants something special written into the legislation—which is the number one reason why HB 3200 is already over 1,000 pages!

The Bipartisan Senate Healthcare Reform Plan

Senator Max Baucus’s goal was to construct a bipartisan healthcare reform plan. In this he certainly succeeded both parties hate it. Baucus, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, unveiled legislation last Wednesday designed to remake the nation's costly health care

Why Health Care Reform Might Pass This Fall

<p>Despite the ‘talking heads’, the pundits, sages, partisan nuts and even the mainstream newscasts, health care reform just might pass this fall. A lot is depending on President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress this week. He’s going to have to

Health Care Reform: Ladies and Gentlemen, we must do something!

Health Care Reform Ladies and Gentlemen, we must do something Written by Dr. Leah Curtin 2 04 AM Monday, August 24th 2009 Healthcare costs across the United States have increased at an annual rate of 6.1% since 1990 and, as

Has the Public Option Been Opted Out?

This weekend radically changed the great health reform debate of 2009. With President Obama abandoning the “public plan” option, many on the left think that all that will come out of this “sound and fury” is a little more (okay,