Workplace Management

Oral care can be a matter of life and death

This oral-care protocol reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infection.
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BSN in ten

Nurse leaders nationwide promote measure to benefit patient care and RNs’ careers. To garner support for a measure that promotes initiatives requiring future nurses to obtain their BSN in 10 years to continue practicing, long-time...

Bullies in health care beware

Bullies in health care beware.

Buying time for patients with acute liver failure

Managing the complications of acute failure, so your patient's liver has time to regenerate.

Urinary incontinence: No one should suffer in silence

Start the conversation: Don't let embarrassment prolong the problem.

Letters to the Editor – November 2008

Easy and inexpensive   Thank you for Susan Fetzer’s excellent article, “Putting a stop to postop nausea and vomiting,” in the August  issue. One treatment that wasn’t mentioned is inhaled 70% isopropyl alcohol. To use it,...

Take Note – October 2008

Web Exclusive! A monthly round-up of clinical and practice news and alerts.

Parish nursing: Reclaiming the spiritual dimensions of care

Faith-based nursing provides autonomy, creativity, flexibility, and the chance to provide whole-person care.

Dodging a trach tragedy

When a patient’s O2 Sat falls and subcutaneous neck edema arises, adroit troubleshooting identifies the cause.

Taking it to the top

The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree has aroused confusion and controversy. Learn why.

Responding to a sentinel event

Sentinel events happen even in the best hospitals. Do you know what these events are and how to handle them?

Understanding MCS

More research is needed to increase our understanding of multiple chemical sensitivity.
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One giant leap

Many of us may be too young to remember the original broadcast of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, but we all know how significant it was for us—not just as a nation, but...