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Pressure injuries…Prevention across the acute-care continuum


Throughout acute care—from the emergency department to the operating room and the critical-care unit—protecting patients’ skin from pressure injuries (PIs) can sometimes be low on the priority list when faced with immediate life-threatening situations. However, PIs can become life-threatening and most are avoidable when excellent assessment, physical care, multidisciplinary teamwork, and technology are used to ensure adequate perfusion. In this special supplement to American Nurse Today, you’ll find best practices related to specific acute-care environments and insight into clinical solutions such as support surfaces, technology, and collaborative care. You’ll also want to read the case studies from nurses who have developed and implemented PI prevention strategies in their acute-care settings. Share this information with your colleagues to ensure effective and sustainable PI prevention in your organization.

This resource was developed through a unrestricted educational grant from Dabir. Click here to download a PDF. 



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