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Self-administration of sedation in ICU for patients on mechanical ventilation

Selected patients on mechanical ventilation may safely self-administer dexmedetomidine to manage their anxiety, according to a study in the American Journal of Critical Care. Most patients were satisfied with their ability to self-administer the medication, and nurses adhered to monitoring safety parameters.

Results The sample was 59% male and 89% white. Mean values were age, 50.6 years; score on the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation, 60.1; and protocol duration, 3.4 days. Five dexmedetomidine patients had blood pressure and/or heart rate lower than safety parameters, necessitating short-term treatment. Nurses’ adherence to reporting of safety parameters was 100%; adherence to the dexmedetomidine titration algorithm was 73%. Overall baseline anxiety score was 38.4 and did not change significantly (βday = 2.1; SE, 2.5; P = .40). Most dexmedetomidine patients (92%) were satisfied or very satisfied with their ability to self-administer medication.

Safety and Acceptability of Patient-Administered Sedatives During Mechanical Ventilation

read the report at acc.aacnjournals.org


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