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Special report – War on Pain: Resources for additional information

The organizations, websites, guidelines, and publications below are excellent resources for readers seeking more information on pain, pain management, and closely related topics.

Organizations and websites

Veterans Health Administration


This website aims to promote effective pain management by providing convenient, centralized access to the resources needed to provide pain-management services within the Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare system. Intended users of this site include veterans, their family members, caregivers, VA administrators, clinicians, and researchers with an interest in any aspect of pain management. The site provides quick access to relevant resources from both internal and external sources.

Clinical guidelines

Assessment and management of low back pain


This guideline describes critical decision points in diagnosingand managing low back pain. It provides clear, comprehensive evidence-based recommendations that incorporate current information and practices for practitioners throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) and VA healthcare systems.

Management of opioid therapy for chronic pain


Describing the critical decision points in managing opioid therapy in patients with chronic pain, this guideline provides evidence-based recommendations and workgroup consensus statements.

Management of postoperative pain


Besides detailing critical decision points in managing postoperative pain, this guideline makes evidence-based recommendations that incorporate current information and practices for practitioners in the DoD and VA healthcare systems.


Practitioner’s Manual: An Informational Outline of the Controlled Substances Act (2006)


The Drug Enforcement Administration established this comprehensive website for information and resources on drug diversion and misuse. Users can access the Practitioner’s Manual from this site.


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